In just 5 years has essential oils have revolutionized our health, our finances and resurrected our dreams. It's made our life rich with friends and the rewards of making a positive difference. I love that essential oils can make such a huge change in a persons life in a short period of time. Anyone can become a leader through genuinely helping others to succeed, which is easy to do with such an amazing product. Being a leader means inspiring others through action. Leadership is serving, caring, problem solving, and encouraging, not shying away from difficultly but diving in! Leadership is not taking credit but giving credit. Leadership PURPOSE is becoming the best version of YOU and sharing it. 

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a LEADER.
— John Quincy Adams

Our Family


Betsy Holmes - Presidential Diamond Wellness Advocate

Betsy Holmes is a wife, mom, licensed massage therapist, natural wellness educator, world traveler, philanthropist and a Presidential Diamond Wellness Advocate in a popular essential oils company . She is a living testimony of not settling for less or accepting the status quo. Betsy's organization represents over 3 million dollars in monthly sales in over 20 countries at the time of this writing. Betsy's favorite part of being involved in network marketing is that she gets to use her life experiences, good or bad, to help people. Betsy’s passion is to empower others to overcome challenges and fulfill their calling in life. Betsy and her husband Paul founded as a non-profit in order to use their influence and income to inspire change and healing for impoverished peoples around the globe. Betsy's faith, husband, and children are her inspiration for pushing herself to do the things that seem impossible. She resides with her husband Paul and 2 children, Reece and Nora  in Columbus, OH. 

Paul Holmes -Presidential Diamond Wellness Advocate

Paul has travelled extensively and worked throughout many countries in the world in Health and Fitness. He has a degree in Sports Physiology and has been able to keep his passion of helping others and sport his main focus. Paul is also owner of  Tiger Rugby, an Olympic Development Academy where he has had the difficult job of building the Tiger Rugby High Performance Program in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to coaching his club side 1823, Paul also coaches the Tiger Cub development team at multiple tournaments in North America. Paul is also a certified IRB 400 level rugby coach.

As one of the top rugby coaches in the country and as a Presidential Diamond in a popular essential oils company, Paul has a full schedule where he is able to help his athletes on and off the field.